​​​ One Step at a Time

​​​ One Step at a Time

Submitting Research Papers

  • SASTRA Hub Publication can provide support for submitting your article to other Journals i.e Scopus Indexed or a Journal that you would like to submit. Pre-submission services fees applies. 

  •  We do not Proofread or Paraphrase your work unless request our services with additional charges applied. Click for Pricing

Open Access and Payment

  • SASTRA Hub Publication provides an Open Access that is freely available online. We do not sell subscriptions for our users. We only charge publication fees of RM 50.00for those who are publishing with us from anywhere around the world, to allow their work to appear in our journal and open indexed databases that are allowed. Terms apply during a promotion.

Peer Review 

  • SASTRA Hub Publication Journal editorial processes do not conduct a peer review process that takes place between submission and publication. We will only conduct screening processes and details on the article types when we consider to be published at SASTRA Hub Publication Journal.​​ Peer Review is only conducted for Journals that are required within our network and a fee may be applied by the journals. We encourage creativity to write and not purely driven down academically. 

SASTRA HUB Publication Journal eISSN 2773-5079

SASTRA HUB Publication Journal eISSN 2773-5079

Journal Submission 

  • Only original content i.e. (essay, story, academic work, thesis, dissertations, assignments, chapters, journals, conference papers or a general article of interest) that was not published previously will be acceptedat SASTRA Hub Publication Journal that will be  endorsed with "SASTRA Hub Publication Mark" and a eISSN 2773 -5079  

  • ​​You can still submit your work that was published elsewhere, if there is no restriction from other publications to allow your work to appear at SASTRA Hub Publication Journal open access. We will not endorse your work ​with "SASTRA Hub Publication Mark" and a ISSN Number. It will be only part of our research database collections. We will still charge a fees of RM 150.00. You can also publish your submission to other platforms after publishing with us. We do not have any restriction and hold the copyrights of your submission.  

  • Remember, it should be your own, and not taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. ​We do not take responsibility for any plagiarism and duplication submission. If requested by any journals or publications, we will inform you and removed the articles. No refund after submission. Copyright of the submitted article belongs to you or the person that you wrote together.

  • ​We do not Proofread or Paraphrase your work unless request our services with an additional charges applied. Click for Pricing

SASTRA HUB Publication Journal allows you to publish your own work, that will be shared with global audience. We maximize the impact, reach, and visibility of your work that is published via SASTRA Hub Publication. We value all our customers across the globe and ensure that your work published in SASTRA Hub Publication Journals meets our publishing terms.