One Step at a Time


Strategic Transformation via Education Development "SASTRA Education Development" a Social Enterprise company Incorporated in Malaysia 12th May 2014 and positioning to serve ASEAN countries and Globally through education projects which can help to develop human capital and end poverty. At SASTRA, we work strategically with various stakeholders to ensure we contribute towards our shared vision. We aim to be self sustainable entity and 100% of the profits to be used to further improve SASTRA and its projects.


To be a responsible and self-sustaining organisation which operates with integrity and delivers high quality programmes in the education sector in order to end poverty across ASEAN and beyond.

To develop human capital in urban and rural by establishing the Human and Career Development Centers and Programs in schools by partnering with with corporate companies, non-profits, foundations, government agencies, other social enterprises and the community.

SASTRA's projects all fall under and umbrella initiative known as PROJECT INFINITY which focuses on education and creation of employment through collaboration with various stakeholders, in an effort to end poverty.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2012 - The Beginning

Founding member Ananda took a step to understand how he can contribute and address the growing issues related to poverty, underprivileged and unemployment. After various research, he decided to support the needy via education projects by ensuring it can be a self-sustainable project. Therefore, Social Enterprise Model was studied  and further research was carried out to understand the benefits of establishing Human and Career Development Centers & Programs in urban and suburban areas mainly fousing in schools. Therefore, he seeked support from FEM  where he was working to help assits him to kick start the initiative. Ananda took the lead to validate and implement the research ideas by engaging with various stakeholders to understand the challenges from a bottom up and top down approach by begining his journey at rural and urban schools.

2013 - The Validation Process

Global partnership initiative was taken to reach out to corporate and non-profits to seek support towards the project by establishing various discussion to ensure every stakeholders are addressed by their needs towards the pilot project. Further international relationship, studies and data have been establish focusing in ASEAN Countries and Globally with support from various stakeholders who are already on the ground addressing issues  towards  education.

2014 - The Execution Process

After various discussion and  research  through  out the years, Ananda  secured  a  start up fund for operations from FEM to initiate officially an entity to focus  in improving education for the underprivileged. Therefore, before the incorporation took place,  The strategy was to firstly identify and mobilize  Board of Trustees who have genuine interest in addressing issues in education and willing to volunteer them self as the first core competency team and ensure governance. Secondly, to create a team of Advisors who are willing to volunteer and  share their experiences and expertise. Thirdly, to identify passionate  fresh graduates who are "genuine" in making a difference in education as the operations team on the ground by creating employments for these candidates.

The first quarter of 2014, Ananda and his team of 2 part time staff  started to identify a school located in Selangor, Malaysia and piloted the Human & Career Development Programs which was designed and drafted by Ananda and the future  Board of Trustees and Academician. The positive outcomes with the stakeholders demonstrated  the need for Human and Career Development programs for government schools in Malaysia and resulted to officially incorporate the social enterprise which was decided to be incorporated in Malaysia as  a Hub for Asia and maybe globally. SASTRA Education Development Sdn. Bhd was incorporated 12th May 2014 in Malaysia as a social enterprise company to strategically implement the initial research findings by contributing directly towards education projects while ensuring it is able to be self sustain and more importantly 100% of the profit are invested towards SASTRA Education Development projects.

By the end of Q1 2014,  SASTRA had contacted various organisation to work collectively to improve the national schools mainly establishing Human and Career Development Centers. In year 2014, The Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE), have also supported SASTRA's initiatives by facilitating and granting approvals  which can helps to  generate revenues to ensure SASTRA is able to expand its projects  to all Malaysian Schools.  The Q2 for  SASTRA was to  identify genuine passionate  fresh graduates who are genuine in making a difference in education as the operations team and started to pilot internship for  graduates from  various sector. SASTRA had 2 options:

1) To identify graduates who are unemployed and train them with relevant knowledge and skiils  and place them in the upcoming HCDC centers.

​2) To give an oppourtunity for students via internship to validate if this students has the skills needed when they graduate mainly education qualification. 

2015 - The Strengthening and Structuring Process - Malaysia Focus

SASTRA's Projects have been redefine as PROJECT INFINITY to focus in various projects related to Education Globally. Therefore, SASTRA officially launched PROJECT INFINITY and slowly begun research and identify likeminded organisations  in other countries.

Over the last one year, SASTRA Education Development  has achieved an impressive level of growth and organizational transformation. SASTRA's clearly understand that the journey it has embarked will have various challenges. However,  understanding and improving the lives of rural and underprivileged children through career development programmes has been at the core of our work in Malaysia. SASTRA further strengthen its Human and Career Development Modules In 2015 with various input from internal and external team.

At SASTRA we were able to identify and reach an estimated 2000 school children living in complex, fragile environments in Malaysia with the support from  all our stakeholders. This was an increase by more than 75% since 2014. With constant studies  and practical research and implementation, SASTRA recognize it is the time for us to aim for and achieve even greater impact for the children by engaging as a SMART Partnership with various stakeholders who are willing to contribute and work  collectively towards developing human capital  in urban and suburban via establishing Human and Career Development Centers and Programs and SASTRA Bright Champ Fellowship Programs.

On May 2015, SASTRA Strategic Plan 2015–2018 have been initiated to provide further clear target, strategy and milestones to guide us in our direction. The initiatives have been developed to further enhanced the program quality  and ensure SASTRA is able to create revenue  through its services and products. Moreover, improving efficiencies within the organization by creating employment for graduates and placing them in schools have been the focus. SASTRA continue to priorities the children through our programmes providing opportunities for education and responding to the subtle humanitarian needs. Implementing these strategies will see us achieve and hopefully exceed our aspirational target of reaching more than 70,000 Malaysian schools children by 2025. 

Since incorporated in 12th May 2014, SASTRA have been focusing primarily in Malaysia to learn and ensure every team member is  impacting the children via our programs and support in creating revenues for SASTRA. SASTRA believes that being a social enterprise company, impact should be clearly defined before the revenues and making sure the revenues generated are well managed. With this aim, we continue to look for graduates who  have passion to be in Malaysian schools and make the daily impact in a child's life before moving towards other division within SASTRA Operations. However, we did come across graduates who are not willing to be in schools or suburban plaforms and prefers to be located in corporate towers. The outcome of some of these graduates have indicated that the new generation prefers to be in metropolitan landscape and the studies they carry out in university may not have sufficent employment in cities. This findings ensured SASTRA  should remain focus to identify genuine people who are willing to be at our HCDC centers or at rural province.

2016 - Our  Achievements

SASTRA continued to work with Ministry of Education Malaysia and provided feedbacks how it can continue to be a part in supporting the 2013 - 2025 National Education Blueprint under Shift 9 strategies. SASTRA was approved by Ministry of Education Malaysia to work with more than 10,000 Schools in Malaysia (Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak).​ This approvals further supported SASTRA to identify one school at each state that are ready to establish Human and Career Development Centers & Programs and also to launch the SASTRA Bright Champs Fellowship Programs. We remain focus to identify the underprivileged children by creating a platform for this children not as a charity but to createing them towards excellence.

  • Established 2 out of 14 Targeted Human and Career Development Center Hubs in Malaysian Schools  -  Central Location ( Selangor) and Northern ( Kedah)

  • Created employments for University Students via Internship.

  • Understand  and identified more than 2000 Malaysians Schools children that needs helps.

  • Carried out Human and Career Development programs for Refugee children with IDEAS Academy that is supported by United Nations Higher Commission Refugee (UNHCR) 

  • Working with more than 50 outreach partners in Malaysian National Government Schools and Internationally Organisation to address share vision. 

  • Understanding and improving the lives of rural and underprivileged children through various customized programmes by working with MNC and Education Institutions Nationally and Internationally.

  • Supported a Social Enterprise company in New Zealand who are addressing similar issue related to talent and human capittal. (LYFE)

  • Startegic Partnership established with 40 year old Foundation "Be Friend a Child", Scotland UK who are addressing similar issue related to talent and human capital

  • Startegic Partnership with Gawad Kalinga  to raise social entreprenuers at Philippines.

  • Introduced Osh In School at Malaysian Government School.

  • Identified social impact investors who are keen to invest on the SASTRA Bright Champs Alumni.

  • Lauched SASTRA Drinking Water Project to Generate Revenues as primary income to reduce dependent on donations or sponsorship

2017 -  Re- Evaluating 

SASTRA Re-Evaluates all projects since 2014 to create impact towards other region.

2017 SASTRA Education Developmenttarted started to “RE-EVALUATE” all projects, process and operations . As we are less than 2 months away to achieve our 3 years of official operation, we are in the process to have a rethinking of our strategies and to be fully lead by board of trustees and volunteers.  SASTRA aim was to reduce all major expenses while ensuring the HCDC project continues. SASTRA primary project is to establish Human and Career Development Center (HCDC) in urban and suburban locations by working primarily with schools. As of 2017, we have managed to establish 2 centers at 2 States at Malaysian Government School and in the process to role SASTRA HCDC Implementation Grant to Schools are keen to adopt the model.  Furthermore, SASTRA have adopted our 2 National School in Malaysia (SMK Taman Ehsan, Selangor and SMK Lubok Buntar, Kedah from Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Since 2014, we have taken various steps and invested in various project to support in building human capital and ending poverty with our stakeholders and now we have started to handover by stages to interested stakeholders to further develop the projects we piloted under SASTRA Platforms. We believe, this step will help to create new ownership and for potential stakeholders who are willing to invest and develop further the models . Furthermore, it allows SASTRA to reduce the capital cost for the projects which is not creating the impact which was aimed and maybe a new experienced and passionate owner will be a help to achieve a collective share vision and ensure each project will continue to thrive within its sectors. This will also allow SASTRA to reduce direct decision making on the projects and position as strategic partner if the project can be aligned towards HCDC model. Moreover, SASTRA is positioning to further strengthen its project in Asian region and globally by further developing and engaging with stakeholders who are keen to invest into the SASTRA Fellowship Programs. SASTRA will also drive towards creating further sustainable revenues to achieve and look out for new projects which we can help to develop under SASTRA platforms.

We will be also restructuring our board charter policies, services and also strengthening our Board of Trustees by further identifying additional new potential genuine people to serve with SASTRA.  Furthermore, we will be reaching out to more individual to support SASTRA under the capacity as Volunteering Board of Advisor who are able to further guide us to achieve a shared vision and mission. These processes have been carried out during SASTRA Execution Process in 2014 and its time for SASTRA to unlearn to relearn and adapt towards the constant changes and evolve towards positioning in ending poverty.

2018 -  Operation Lead by Alumni and Volunteers

SASTRA Alumni and Volunteers took the lead to carry out SASTRA Fellowship in Malaysian National Schools under the Human and Career Development Centre. The Alumni and Volunteers are supported by Board Members together with 275 volunteer teachers located in various schools and working to launch the HCDC model at their respected schools.  Funding remains a crucial part for SASTRA and it is purely generated by selling SASTRA drinking water in addition to various in kind support. Close to 85% of operations overheads have been reduced. The board understands that it might slow down the activities that are planned by SASTRA however, this strategy will allow the SASTRA Alumni to demonstrate their ability to serve for others unconditionally. Like how, we started off to do our best for the children in needs by fully sponsoring the program. We hope our alumni will lead as mentors and empower more children to become excellence in their own skills sets and abilities. 
We are also pleased to see how our initial seed funds and support resulted in Performing Arts (2015) developed by a teacher at Kedah (Leadspire Academy) and Food ball club (Good Wood Football Club) that focuses on empowering underprivileged children.   

2019 -  Focusing on Addtional Revenue Stream 

SASTRA aim is to continue to generate revenue by the SASTRA Water Sales and further research have been carried out in rolling out Food Truck by working with alumni who have entrepreneurial spirit. We foresee that this can slowly shape up if we continue to work with our partners and alumni. The aim is to generate the revenue and support other cause based organisations to carry out their mission collectively. We believe that by our collectively engagement we will reach out to more stakeholders that are addressing the poverty and empowering underprivileged children in various programs. We welcome partnership to launch SASTRA Food Truck hopefully by end of 2019.