​​​ One Step at a Time

​​​ One Step at a Time


SASTRA Education Development has set a direction to take one step at a time to make a difference in education. SASTRA's Business Model are designed with combination of Social Business Model (SCM) and Social Enterprise Model (SEM).

Social Business Model (SCM) and Social Enterprise Model (SEM) are usually used in business that operates with an idea that the profits earned by selling products or services served to achieve a clear social mission. It means simply, the revenue and profits do not serve to increase the assets of individual but are invested in socially useful purposes such as creating more jobs and hiring people who have difficulties in finding jobs, hiring disabled to perform the job, creating medical services, supporting the needs for education, environmental protection and cultural activities which contributes to the community.

At SASTRA, we have designed our business model to focus on education development and integrate in areas with various social initiatives. Furthermore, we clearly understand that to implement SASTRA's Projects, funding is crucial. Therefore, we believe by seeking for investors to invest directly in SASTRA Education Development Sdn.Bhd projects.

It will be the first step towards building an outstanding organization by positioning strategically in ASEAN countries to support education development. For further information please contact us via