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You can now publish "any type of your work" with us for only RM 50.00 per article. It can be an essay, story, academic work, thesis, dissertations, chapters, assignments, journals, conference papers, a case study on your business or a general article of your interest. Each article will be reviewed, endorsed with "SASTRA Hub Publication Mark", with an e-ISSN 2773-5079, and we can also provide you with a DOI Number. Terms apply.

You can also upload the article in various research journal platforms or search engines of your choice. Remember, it should be your own, and not taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. We do not take responsibility for any plagiarism and if requested by any journals or publications, we will inform you and removed the articles. Copyright of the submitted article belongs to you or the person that you wrote together. No refund after submission. We do not Proofread or Paraphrase your work unless requested with additional charges. The unethical article will not be publishedView Sample Template

Note*** Discount provided for 100 preorder articles submission only. Suitable for primary and secondary schools, education institutions and universities.

Abstracting & Indexing Databases

Our publications appear in a wide range of abstracting and indexing databases, and appear in the leading multidiscipline databases


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