​​​ One Step at a Time

​​​ One Step at a Time


​​​​​​​SASTRA Bright Champs Fellowship have been established in 2014 catering for children age 13-25 to play their part in our collective future by learning programs that are tailored to provide an enlightening journey to self-understand and equipped with necessary skills to establish a meaningful career pathway based on their passion, interest and needs. The Fellows will go through 22 hours of training consist of 4 primary modules on Human and Career Development Programs based on SASTRA Value Formation Profession  Model. These programs are delivered based on the partnership SASTRA have established in their respective countries by working towards a collective shared vision with every stakeholder. The programs is open for every individual who has the mind to help them self and help other in needs.

Each Fellow will trained during their Fellowship towards the 4 modules as a Stage 1 Mandatory Accomplishment. Each successful Fellow whom completes the 22 hours of training will received a “Certificate of Completion” with a Unique Identification Number (ID) on their respective Certificate. The ID will lead the fellows to officially register towards becoming as SASTRA Ambassador Alumni where Fellows are given opportunity to meet other fellows globally and begun the process as Stage 2 towards their passion. The Alumni will be also given access to apply for scholarships towards their career interest, or funding for their social entrepreneurship ventures. As an SASTRA Alumni, each member will be guided and supported as a life along alumni.

​SASTRA believes, if a student is not able to complete their fellowship due to being lazy and not a valid reason, It shows that they are not committed and we do not waste our resources our SRI partners. We continue to support who can help them self and also others. This is why SASTRA  Fellowship will ensure each fellows will go through 22 hours of training before entitle to be come an SASTRA Ambassador and each Fellows should have right value.

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