​​​ One Step at a Time

​​​ One Step at a Time

The purpose of SASTRA Human and Career Development Center (HCDC) Implementation Grant is to increase  and assist the national understanding of the Malaysian school counselling centers are not only for problematic students and to remove the stigma of whoever visit the center are labelled as “Bad Individual”.

The HCDC model by SASTRA have been expanding with the support of Ministry of Education Malaysia under Shift(9) Education Blue Print 2013- 2025 across the nation by providing implementation grants in assisting financial for the upgrading, planning, program transfers, fellowship programs and stakeholder managements and self-sustainable revenue model.SASTRA HCDC Implementation Grant is open for all Secondary School in Malaysia who is ready to take action on the implementation of HCDC. SASTRA HCDC Implementation Grant 2017 is approved under prerequisite.

The purpose of the SASTRA HCDC Implementation Grant Program is to assist eligible schools in implementing HCDC model with Career Development Programs to school that will improve the student’s soft skills and technical skills. SASTRA is currently supporting schools to implement by HCDC Grant in areas of training, supporting operations, planning, purchasing equipment, developing partnerships, and implementing and many more to help schools move forward under the National Education Blueprint. SASTRA primary task is to increase efforts through grants, training, technical assistance, and research. We offer the following grants based on the prerequisites below:


  • SASTRA HCDC Implementation Grants are intended to help schools or school districts to scale  further to develop counselling center by integrating HCDC model. Implementation awards range from RM 7000.00 to RM 15,000 per school based on number of SRI partners. This Grant is supported by SASTRA and Social Responsibility Innovator (SRI)Partners.

  • SASTRA Revenue Planning Grants is for schools to operate in self-sustainable and allowing to create support systems to further develop students with “Fellowship Allowance” on yearly basis. This Grants will be able to help school to further develop in infrastructures  and other relevant developments.

The FY 2017 SASTRA HCDC Implementation application date will be closed on September 2017  and we are currently reviewing applications. Interested school to apply with the following steps.

Mandatory Prerequisites 

1.  School Personnel (School Leadership, Teacher, PIBG, Head of Departments and Head of Club, Uniform Bodies and Society to attend on briefing once school has been informed on conditional approvals of Grant before final approvals.

2. A location in school for the HCDC center to be allocated by school close to UBK unit (optional). If respective school has limited space, a school visit will be carried out before final approvals.

3. A combination 50 students representing from ( PRS, Uniform Bodies, Prefects, Club & Society – Male/Female to be enrolled for Minimum 22 Hours SASTRA Bright Champs Fellowship Program.

4. A Committee of HCDC to be set up by respective school with allocation of Duty Rosters and award extra points for students their commitment under co-curriculum activities.   

Note: The above prerequisites 1- 4 are mandatory for final approvals of SASTRA HCDC Implementation Grant. Schools are not able to fulfill the above prerequisites will not be approved until able to demonstrate the prerequisites 1- 4.


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