​​​ One Step at a Time

​​​ One Step at a Time


Ananda Devan 

Board of Trustees

Poverty and Education inequitableness embarked Ananda to initiate SASTRA Education Development to contribute towards the children in needs. Ananda strongly believes that to improve education, poverty needs to be addressed and to reduce poverty, education needs to be addressed. Ananda started his career as an Education Consultant at the University of Portsmouth and gained valuable experience in International Education Management. 

He has the experience and has exposed to general management, training, talent development, recruitment, technology solutions, curriculum development and research by working with various educational institutions in UK, Australia and the Charter Schools Industry in the United States. Ananda has worked on areas from financial planning, forensic accounting, managing the high net value of public funds, setting up operations and management systems, auditing process in charter schools, training schools boards and principals, improvising counselling departments.

In addition, he has served as a school leader in an international refugee school in Kuala Lumpur which is supported by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Furthermore, his experience in startups entrepreneurship and consulting has covered areas in technology, oil and gas, transportation in the area of strategic planning and investments.

After 18 years in a corporate and cause-based organization, Ananda continues to have a passion for education development projects and research. Currently attached as an Excellence Graduate Assistant (EGA) at University Kuala Lumpur Business School, Malaysia and lecturing and mentoring at various public and private universities. In addition, carrying out consultancy work on school improvement for NGO and Social Enterprises and including Corporates. He holds the position as Board of Trustees at SASTRA Education Development, Industry Adjunct Faculty Member and Member of Distinguished Industry Advisory Board at INTI international University Malaysia, Advisor for LYFE New Zealand Social Enterprise and volunteers as an educator in high need secondary school in Malaysia and other regions via virtual learning platforms. In addition, Ananda has published various research papers in academic journals, articles and books.

  • Education: ​Final Stage to complete PhD (Management) Doctor Degree at University Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) by end of 2020. Graduated with a Bachelors of Science Computing (Hons) and MSc. in Education and Training Management from the University of Portsmouth (UK) and have been trained at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education (USA). Ananda also completed his training at SEGi University for Modules related to a Doctor in Business Administration (DBA). He is also alumni of Harvard University, University of Portsmouth and a member of various Chamber of Commerce.
  • Appointed 12th May 2014  - Chairman Board of Trustees of SASTRA Education Development. Reappointed 10th May 2016 Board of Trustees -  Present)
  • Appointed June 2014 - December 2017  - Managing Director of SASTRA Education Development. 
  • Appointed 20th March 2018 - Member of Distinguished Industry Advisory Board INTI International University.
  • Appointed 20th March 2018  - Industry Adjunct Faculty Member at INTI International University.
  • Appointed Jan 2016   - Dec 2018 -  Advisory Board Member of LYFE New Zealand
  • NOTE: Not Paid to Execute Roles & Responsibility as a board member since incorporated till the present by SASTRA and other appointments above.