Befriend a Child and SASTRA Education Development have have postion as strategic partner. We will be working together to develop a program that aims to support young people, aged 14 - 16, who are struggling in life and education. This partnership will aim at providing additional support and a bridge between higher education and students in need. Befriend a Child & SASTRA will connect students with educational workshops and work experience in various industries in order to provide students with a more holistic and realistic view of their career options. This partnership will be piloted in January 2017 with a group of eight students from Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire and will work in collaboration with schools and parents.


Befriend a Child SASTRA Bright Champs Fellowship Programs kick starts at Aberdeen. Youth Council of Befriend a Child is ready to take on Bright Champs Fellowship Programs. This youth are having various challenges in their daily life and looking forward for various supports and to move forward to understand them self. As a collective effort, Befriend a Child SASTRA Bright Champs Fellowship Programs is ready to launch coming 2017 Ground work have begun and it was surely great to see the Youth Council age 14-16 is taking the lead to be the mentors for the  rest of the upcoming Fellows.  


​​​ One Step at a Time