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PROJECT Infinity

savethe sCHOOL


those in need

OUR Mission

To develop human capital in urban and rural by establishing the Human and Career Development Centers and Programs in schools by partnering with with corporate companies, non-profits, foundations, government agencies, other social enterprises and the community

To be a responsible and self-sustaining organisation which operates with integrity and delivers high quality programmes to end poverty across ASEAN and beyond by Social Entrepreneurship approach 

 SASTRA's projects all fall under and umbrella initiative known as PROJECT INFINITY which focuses on education and creation of employment and social entreprenuers through collaboration of various stakeholders, in an effort to end poverty

OUR Vision

Work with us to make a difference in education

Strategic Transformation via Education Development known as "SASTRA Education Development" incorporated 2014 as a social enterprise in Malaysia. It was  established to serve countries in the ASEAN region and beyond through the implementation of education projects which contribute to the development of human capital and work on ending poverty. SASTRA re-invests 100% of our profits back into education projects SASTRA develops and embarks on.