Thinking to help education projects and also be recognize and appreciated. Now you can do it. No matter you are a MNC, SME or a Start Up, all it takes RM 1500.00 to purchase yearly renewal packages. Give a try and see how you can create the impact in education today. Get Noticed at and all our stakeholders. Make the difference.

RM 1500.00 Yearly Package

Adopt a Human & Career Development Center (HCDC) which caters for Malaysian Schools. Be part of our yearly program and  impact thousands of children. Your brand will be the main supporter at the satellite school where HCDC is located. You can also have 5 or 10 partners to collectively adopt a HCDC. Be part of this today! Speak to us and see the value you are creating.

RM 15,000 Yearly Package

Social Responsibility INNOVATOR


One Step at a Time