One Step at a Time

Ir.Dr. Ling Chen Hoe 


Dr.Ling have been engaged with  Meiden Malaysia in the electrical engineering and construction industry ( since 1990. The company provides electrical engineering products and services to both the private and public sectors in Malaysia. It has staff of around 50 and an average annual turnover of RM 50 million. Currently Dr. Ling serves as Senior General Manager & Director at Meiden. His  experiences involve design & project coordination, engineering, procurement, construction & operations management and maintenance of 275/132/33/11/0.415kV electrical systems for power plants, substations, factories, water supply facilities, renewable energy systems and urban public rail transportation electrical infrastructures.Furthermore, his current position assumes the responsibilities of top management and roles include business development, strategic planning and overseeing of the Engineering and Corporate Departments Meiden. Dr. Ling passion in teaching also have lead him to involve with various universities’ post-graduate MBA/DBA programs to share and impart knowledge and work experiences with others to bridge the gap between academia and industry and to help others realize their full potential: to achieve self-actualization. His personal belief is that individual effectiveness at the workplace cannot be fully achieved until theory is combined with practice. Dr.Ling holds Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (Degree), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), University of Lincoln, United Kingdom, Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), SEGi University, Malaysia, Chartered Professional Engineer, Australia (MIEAust CPEng), Competent Engineer (132kV), Energy Commission, Malaysia,Competent Engineer (33kV), Energy Commission, Malaysia, Professional Engineer with Practising Certificate, Board of Engineers, Malaysia, BEM, Member of the Institute of Engineers (M), IEM.Construction Manager with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Malaysia.