​​​ One Step at a Time

​​​ One Step at a Time

Completion Phase  - 33  Days Fully sponsored class completed for 63 Refugee children at IDEAS Academy Students presented their performance before receiving their Certificate of Completion.

Implementation Phase  - The classes was carried out by SASTRA  Trainers  3 days a  week from 1st March to 19th July 2016. Total of 63 Amazing students participated on the Human and Career Development Programs 

IDEAS Academy  and SASTRA Initiation Phase Discussion was carried out to Sponsor  Human and Career Development Programs. 

SASTRA Education Development have successfully completed Bright Champs Fellowship for 63 amazing students from IDEAS Academy Malaysia.  The Champs have be awarded “Certification of Completion” for successfully completing SASTRA Human and Career Development Programs and demonstrating the understanding of Leadership Skills, Personal Financial Management, Time Management, Team Work, Life & Career Planning since 1st March 2016 to 19th July 2016. A total of 33 Fully Sponsored Workshops was carried out at IDEAS Academy and we would not be able to contribute towards these refugee children without the support from every individual who have committed them self towards this project directly and indirectly from the beginning till the graduation day. Thanking Madam Debra Tapscott (Principal of IDEAS Academy), Wan Saiful Wan Jan ( Founding Chief Executive , IDEAS), Tamanna Patel,  (Senior Executive, Research Division, IDEAS), Dato’ Dr. Teh Tai Yong (Chairman ,SASTRA), Dr. Shaheen Mansori ( Board of Trustees, SASTRA). Special to all teachers and supporting team at the academy,  thanks to Paramjit Kaur (Monitoring Supervisor/Trainer from SASTRA) who lead the project successfully.

IDEAS Academy Malaysia have been awarded Certificate of Partnership which is now an authorised SMART School Partner of SASTRA Education Development. This Partnership will allow both parties to continue to work collectively to support the academy in any possible ways by SASTRA. From Left Madam Debra Tapscott (Principal of IDEAS Academy) and Ananda Devan, Managing Director of SASTRA Education Development.