One Step at a Time


During the process of ensuring there is direct impact towards the children, we will also ensure that your contribution is recognized and rewarded based on the budget allocation towards the SRI Packages. Join us today and make a step by step difference in education.

We  will plan the programs , schools and children will benefit out of your engagement and will invite you to visit and be part of  the schools  your contribution have been allocated.

Contact us to find out on how we can help you to allocated a small portion of your CSR or Marketing Budgets towards Education improvements in Malaysia. Email:



HOW TO BE PART OF I'M Social Responsibility Innovator


I'M Social Responsibility Innovator Campaign have been launched in Malaysia as Stage 1 to innovate 13 Schools in Malaysia which includes one school in each states towards Human and Career Development Center. Over the last one year, SASTRA Education Development has achieved an impressive level of growth and organizational transformation. SASTRA's clearly understand that the journey it has embarked will have various challenges. However,  understanding and improving the lives of rural and underprivileged children through career development programmes has been at the core of our work.  In 2015, we were able to identify and reach an estimated 2000 school children living in complex, fragile environments. This was an increase by more than 50% since 2014. With constant studies  and practical research and implementation, SASTRA recognize it is the time for us to aim for and achieve even greater impact for the children by engaging as a SMART Partnership with various stakeholders who are willing to contribute and work towards developing human capital  in urban and suburban via establishing Human and Career Development Centers and Programs via I' M Social Responsibility Innovator Campaign.

On May 2015, SASTRA Strategic Plan 2015–2018 have been initiated to provide further clear target, strategy and milestones to guide us in this direction. The initiatives have been developed to further enhanced the program quality  and ensure SASTRA is able to raise additional funding through its services and products and improve efficiencies within the organization by creating employment for graduates and placing them into the eco system. SASTRA continue to priorities the children through our programmes providing opportunities for education and responding to the subtle humanitarian needs. Implementing these strategies will see us achieve and hopefully exceed our aspirational target of reaching more than 70,000 Malaysian schools children by 2019. As the initiative is carry out in Malaysia , SASTRA Team have also engaged in discussion with other representative in ASEAN countries and Globally.