​​​ One Step at a Time

​​​ One Step at a Time

GK Enchanted Farm was founded as part of Gawad Kalinga’s platform to create excellence and not charity for the next generation of Filipino. The GK Enchanted Farm aims to nurture social entrepreneurs who can help the local farmers and create wealth for every Filipino to continuously lead a life with dignity.  It is amazing to see how the GK Enchanted Farm Village University have jointly shaped a combination of the Farm, Village, University and a Silicon Valley for Social Entrepreneurship.

The GK Enchanted Farm Platform incorporates the land area by setting up opportunity to grow crops and how the village within the farm connects families. The value formation on the poor coming together in ending poverty by creating an eco-system of social entrepreneurs and team members is something every individual should learn. Furthermore, the GK innovations by instilling appreciation for the agricultural industry and love for the poor have been a proven model to end poverty. By establishing University and School for Social Entrepreneurship inside the farm with one pure aim of giving birth to a new generation of social entrepreneurs who are focus to add value by generating wealth and ending poverty.

SASTRA’s recent visit on end of 2016 to the farm clearly indicates and validates that GK Enchanted Farm has similar shared vision as SASTRA’s vision to work collective with foundations, Non Profits, Social Enterprise and individuals to end poverty. Meeting and understanding the people from their view of life has brought a new focus within SASTRA to further work with GK Enchanted Farm Platforms to end poverty collectively in Philippines, ASEAN and Globally. SASTRA will take measure to begin further ground work coming 2017 and calls every individual to be part of the upcoming Global Social Business Summit (SBS) on 20th January to 22nd January 2017.

SASTRA and Gawad Kalinga Philippines,  collaborates  as Strategic Partners towards building human capital and ending poverty.

It was a summit that  connected together  600 social entrepreneurs, corporate partners, community leaders, advocates and students from over 20 countries including Malaysia, gathered at the farm by highlighting the need to raise a new generation of leaders who will build their businesses on integrity and able to contribute in ending poverty. Similar model is currently been explored in Malaysia to help the needy and underprivileged by helping to build homes, creating community, maybe an university, creating next generations of social entrepreneurs who will play their part to be a change agent in Malaysia. GK was formally established in 2003, and has a presence in Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Canada, United States, Austria, France, Ireland. GK Malaysia will be taking place in coming future and SASTRA's current project under Malaysian School Human and Career Development Center has possible intergrations to build social entreprenuers who are genuine in making the differences towards job creations and building human capital.

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SASTRA Education Development and Gawad Kalinga positioned as strategic partners to work in enabling social entrepreneurs with GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan, a training facility as the first “farm village university” in Asia located at Philippines.

Currently GK Enchanted Farm, has approximately 500 residents and is training 150 students to be social entrepreneurs under SEED Philippines, School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED). It also has 350 beds to accommodate corporate team building and camping activities and surely an environment to unlearn and relearn.  

The introduction of this strategic partnership came after Gawad Kalinga Founder and Chairman Tony Meloto and Impact Investor Shirley Maya Tan noticed that SASTRA and GK can work together towards a shared vision and Ananda (Founding Member & Managing Director SASTRA and GK Enchanted Farm Chief Operating Officer Shanon Khadka accompanied by Louis Foure (Social entrepreneur & GK Enchanted Team) and Aurore Courtois ( Co – Founder Life For Good) to ink the relationship at the launch of the 4th Global Social Business Summit 2017.

From Left : Aurore Courtois ( Co – Founder Life For Good), Ananda (Founding Member & Managing Director SASTRA) ,Shanon Khadka ( GK Enchanted Farm Chief Operating Officer) Louis Foure (Social entrepreneur & GK Enchanted Team)