​​​ One Step at a Time

Dr. Sudeep Mohandas

I First International

Dr. Sudeep Mohandas work experience in the corporate and non-profit sector spans over two decades. His initial appetite for non-profits stemmed from his involvement with the Orphanage, ‘Pure Life Society” when he was in secondary school where he was involved in helping the poor children learn English, this passion for the sector grew and later he became of the founders to the Malaysian AIDS Foundations which was established in 1993. His experience in the non-profit sector is recognized globally and locally since embarking in the non-profit sector 13 years back as a HR Manager for WWF-Malaysia (an International Non-Profit Organization). He has developed himself to be an expert in the area of strategic, governance and operational management focusing on the non-profit sector. He has been very involved in the local Malaysian scene setting up non-profits, foundations and participating as a Council or Board member in the humanitarian and management business of non-profits. His skills and talents are being served worldwide, such he has been invited to make presentations internationally and provide consultancy and advice to international decision making settings and participate in advisory roles to offices outside Malaysia, notably, Africa, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. He is the Managing Director for I First International, an organization that provides business solutions and diagnostics to non-profits, foundations, charities and NGO’s. His Doctorate in Human Resources was on “What makes the Gen Y attracted to join an environmentally non-profit organisation”. He currently lectures for the Paris Graduate School of Management and Stiching Euregio University College, Netherlands for MBA students on areas pertaining to Strategy, Leadership and Management in Information Systems.